What does it mean to be Accredited?

acredited-childcare-providersAn accredited program is one where the provider has completed an extensive self-study training program by the National Association for Family Child Care. The program teaches the provider to enhance her/his program to the highest of quality in the following areas: the environment, health & safety, communicating with families, interacting with the children, food & nutrition, curriculum, etc.  The family child care program is assessed as well as the provider and any assistants to ensure that high-quality care is given on a regular basis.  The program is observed by a NAFCC rep and if successful, is accredited for a period of three years.

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Accreditation in Progress

The training program is facilitated by Sharon Coleman, who is an Accreditation Observer and has had her child care program accredited twice.

accredited-childcare-providersThe group meets monthly to learn about the standards set forth by NAFCC and take turns hosting the meetings in their child care facilities, so that everyone has an opportunity to see the creative and uniqueness of each environment.  Each provider committed to a one-year training process and some of the subjects covered are health & safety, contracts & business management, interacting with children and families, child development, and how children play, just to name a few  The facilitator visits each program and works with the provider to do an assessment and see what, if any, changes will be made to enhance the environment.

The 1-2 hour visits also allow the  facilitator  to come and watch how the provider interacts with the children and what curriculum and daily routines they follow.